May I download QED? If not, when will QED be released?

Not now. I have to finish parts of QED in order to be used by the community. I also want to confirm design decisions to ensure they are right. This is one reason this website has been published: to allow people to try QED and provide feedback, by telling what they like now and what they would like to have in the future.

QED is now at PoC stage and cruelly lacks sound documentation but I am striving to make a MVP and complete docs. You may see the results of my efforts over the coming months.

As of now, there is no release date planned yet. Please follow Twitter (qedlang) or Reddit (r/qedlang) to keep up with the latest info.

Where is the source code? Is it open-source?

The source code is private now, but when QED is as the MVP stage or whenever I rally a network of contributors, I shall release it on github. And yes, it will be open-source.

Who are you?

My name is Martin Savage. I started programming as a young teen and as far as I recall, have done personal research on programming and GUI concepts ever since.

QED is the culmination of this research. I started developing it in 2015.

Are you working full-time on QED?

Update: for the next few months, yes! I got laid out due to Covid-19. But will have to find another job and provide this usual answer:

No. Although QED is a labor of love, I can’t afford working full time on it. So I have a daily job but off-hours, I work as much as I can on QED and am open to options (like a Donate option or even Patreon), based upon the feedback and level of interest from people (just let me know! :-) ). Another reason I published this website is to find contributors helping me finish the coding so we can offer a great product to developers.